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Friday reads business and leadership book review

Gavin Watson shares insightful summaries and reviews of books on progressive companies, positive psychology, organizational psychology, and evolutionary biology.

“It became obvious to me that we should be managing and structuring our companies not on current ‘best business practices’ which are not science based, but we should be structuring our companies and managing our work places based on the current best research.”

Podcast Episodes

Gavin Watson appears as a guest on the Conscious Capitalism Connecticut Chapter’s podcast, The Curious Capitalist. In episode 39 he gets too sit down and chat with David Sloan Wilson, a distinguished professor of Biology and Anthropology at Binghamton University and a prolific author and public speaker.

Speaking Engagements

Gavin Watson has spoken at many engagements on conscious business at events including those hosted by the Conscious Capitalism Connecticut Chapter.

Why Conscious Capitalism Makes Sense. Can we get Stakeholders to Agree?

Gavin Watson
Founder, Consultant, Author, and Chairman of Conscious Capitalism of Connecticut

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Gavin Watson will use his depth of experience in manufacturing to provide actionable insights and practical, step-by-step recommendations for bringing powerful turnabouts to life inside your organization. Actionable insights and practical.

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